I Lost a Cat

Does the cat have a microchip?
Contact your microchip company to make sure your contact information is up-to-date and to report that the cat is missing.

Identify a few good photos you have of your cat, including the face and body. Make sure the photo(s) show the collar they were wearing and feature identifying marks, if applicable.

Lost pets picked up by/in the City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, or Clark County are brought to The Animal Foundation. Visit The Animal Foundation’s website HERE to get more information and to review the Lost & Found Search of animals currently in the shelter. If you see your cat in the Lost & Found Search, call 702-955-5932 or email The Animal Foundation at lostandfound@animalfoundation.com for further assistance. If you have lost a pet in/near the City of Henderson, please contact Henderson Animal Control at 702-267-4970 and/or visit their website HERE.

Upload a photo of your cat’s face to the Petco Love Lost app or website. This tool uses facial recognition to match lost and found pets and even crosschecks with cats at local shelters!

Make a Lost Cat Post on Pawboost, a free community site for lost and found pets, HERE.

Make a Lost Cat Report with 24Petconnect, which is shared with local shelters, HERE.

Make a Lost Cat Report with Pet FBI HERE. This will share the report on social media, put the report in a national lost and found pet database / interactive map, and create a free lost cat flier for you.

Share the flier on Nextdoor and post fliers in the neighborhood in which the cat was lost. Cats are generally found within a few hundred feet of where they went missing! Share/post the fliers with animal hospitals, pet supply stores, community bulletin boards, community mailboxes, etc.

Walk around the neighborhood where the cat was lost to talk to neighbors and look for the cat. Again, most cats are found close to where they went missing. You can ask neighbors to check their garages/sheds/ or other areas the cat may be hiding on their property. Quiet times of day may work best for finding a cat who remains outside. Even friendly cats may be scared and/or hiding. Call their name and stop to listen frequently. Be sure to look from the vantage point of a cat (i.e. close to the ground) to see what hiding places they may have identified. Do not chase a lost pet. If your cat is spotted, sit on the ground and talk to them in normal tones, offer treats, and take your time.

Review social media to see if someone who has found your cat has posted on Facebook, Nextdoor, Craigslist, Ring, etc. Search for local lost and found pet groups and pages, and ask others to help share the post.

Don’t give up!
When you find your cat, be sure to remove fliers and update any reports/posts you made.

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