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Homeward Bound provides a modern, free-roaming adoption center to give cats a comfortable environment while they are in our care. We take in cats whose families are no longer be able to provide for them and offer to help them keep their cats when possible. We understand hardships happen and we want to help both people and their pets, but this is not possible without your support.

Your generosity makes our lifesaving work possible. You give us the ability to provide daily care and enrichment, food and other basic necessities. You allow us to go above and beyond for veterinary care, from spaying or neutering and vaccinating every cat that arrives, to providing treatment for cats who may have an illness or injury. Homeward Bound is funded and able to do good work because of individuals like you.


Amber arrived in bad shape. She was suffering from dental disease, anemia, early kidney disease and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). We handled the dental work, began treating her anemia and laid out a healthier lifestyle that would allow her to flourish despite the kidney disease and FIV. Now she is happy, healthier, and visibly appreciative. Her purrs and gentle touches to everyone she meets make it clear she is grateful.

Amber is here today because of your donations!

Amber’s Fund was created to help other cats just like her. It allows us to put funds aside specifically for cats who have critical medical needs and who require immediate care. More than 1/3 of our expenses are for medical costs but these cats would not be here if it wasn’t for us. Therefore, we need you, too.


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