Welcome to Poorly Drawn Pets!

It’s time to put the “fun” back in FUNdraising with Poorly Drawn Pets!

From March 15 through April 1, if you donate at least $20 to Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions, a special team of volunteer artists will draw your pet – all to raise funds for a good cause! The catch? Most of us are much better at caring for cats than artwork—so you may get an amazing piece of art, or you may get a fuzzy stick figure sketch! Either way, it‘s guaranteed to make you smile, and you get a sweet drawing of your pet while helping homeless cats.

Here’s how it works. Anyone can participate—no need to live locally (so please share this with your friends and family!)! From March 15 through April 1, donate at least $20 HERE to receive instructions on how to submit a photo of your pet. Once the submission is reviewed, the photo will be turned over to volunteers eager to turn your pet into a masterpiece worthy of hanging in a museum… or at the very least, on your refrigerator! Will you get one of talented artists, or will you get a volunteer who can’t draw their way out of a paper bag? Who knows! But either way, it’s going to be fun! 

Artists will be drawing as submissions are received, wrapping up in time to debut all of the drawings, good and bad, on April 15.

Select drawings will be featured during the FUNdraiser on social media and at our adoption center. The big reveal will be on April 15, which is World Art Day. At the close of the event, drawings will be given to those who submitted their pets.

Homeward Bound relies on donations to support cats and people, and our goal with this is to make our work a bit more fun and include your pets in it! There’s no limit to how many drawings you can submit; the more donations we receive, the more lives we can save in our community. Thank you in advance for joining in on our fun while helping cats in need!

Shout out to BARCS Animal Shelter and  Wisconsin Humane Society.  They came up with this amazing fundraising idea!  We thank them for sharing their brilliance, inspiration, and dedication to pets in need.

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