Saving Amber’s Life

Your gift can help save a cat or kitten, like Amber.

When we first heard about Amber, she was in a shelter cage with severe health issues and a bleak future.  Amber was five years old and weighed only 3.5 lbs., suffering from a dental disease with what appeared to be one broken tooth, anemia, FIV and early renal disease. If she was to have any chance to survive, we had to address the dental pain so she could eat. However, due to Amber’s severe anemia and weakened condition, our vet was reluctant to risk putting her under anesthesia to remove the painful tooth. So we sought a second opinion, and Dr. Blanche Pierce agreed to help. She worked closely with us to provide a new course of medications and appetite stimulants—plus a lot of love and affection —until Amber gained enough weight and strength.

Five weeks later, the crucial time for surgery arrived. Understanding that the procedure would take one hour, we anxiously waited. One hour, two hours, three hours passed, and we began to fear the worst. Then we received an amazing video directly from Dr. Pierce in the operating room!!  

Amber survived three hours of anesthesia and the removal of not one, but 20 diseased and broken teeth that had been covered by her gums!

Amber’s mouth is now pain-free, and she is eating well and grooming herself.  She still has other health challenges – early renal disease, anemia, and FIV – and we continue to give her daily care.  Our hope for Amber is that she will enjoy many years of a pain-free, comfortable life knowing that she is loved every minute of every day!

In Amber’s honor, we are starting Amber’s Fund, a permanent fund to help cover the medical costs of cats like Amber who come to us in need of critical medical care. More than 1/3 of our operating expenses are for medical costs. As a non-profit, we simply couldn’t provide this critical medical care without the generous financial support of people like you.

A donation of any amount is genuinely appreciated and 100% will go toward providing medical care to cats in need. Thank you for helping us give more cats and kittens a chance to live healthy, happy lives filled with love!

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